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Jacob Whitley


Project Manager


Jacob Whitley's Bio

Jacob Whitley has worked as a producer and line producer in the film industry since 2010. His first project was the independent feature film Edge which Jacob produced and financed. Being a detective thriller, he leveraged the resources of his uncle, Captain Jim Enright of the La Palma Police Department, who acted as the film’s police operations specialist and allowed the crew to shoot Edge at the police station with realistic sets and vehicles lent by the police department.

After finding VOD distribution for Edge, Mr. Whitley worked on Ubisoft's promotional film project "Tom Clancy - The Division: Dark Winter" as the Line Producer. During this 17 hour shoot, he found the crew quickly falling behind. Taking the lead on the project, he rearranged the shooting schedule on the fly which allowed for production to be completed on time with all the proper shots in the can to make the project complete.

In 2014 he was called in as a replacement producer on the feature film, Hide and Go Seek starring Vernon Wells. The production dates and low budget had already been set, but with less than a month to pull the project together, Mr. Whitley was able to bring the project in under budget and on schedule.

In 2015 Mr. Whitley was hired onto the country music film Buckshot starring Tim deZarn. Due to the extremely low budget of $38,000, he had to pull together every resource he had as well as wear every hat in the production department just to complete the project on time and under budget.

During that summer, Mr. Whitley worked as a production coordinator with the commercial company, Film Orange, on several commercial projects for clients such as Land Rover and Goodwill. During this time, he worked very briefly with the pre-production team as an Office Assistant under the Coordinator for the motion picture La La Land, the winner of 5 Academy Awards in 2017.

Mr. Whitley earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications: Radio/TV/Film from Cal State Fullerton in 2014. Continuing his education, he earned a Project Management Certification in 2016 from Cal State Fullerton and an MBA Overview Certification from Professor Chris Haroun through Udemy.com in 2017.

In 2014 Jacob formed Whitley Films Productions as a business entity for motion picture development, production, and financing. In 2017, Jacob reformed his company to also include worldwide distribution using the resources of his extensive network. His new unique business model allows for taking the classic creative approach and a network of industry veterans, to create a corporate business approach by using his project management certification to look at film projects from a financial perspective. The goal of Whitley Films Productions is to always be looking a few years ahead and line up projects based on audience projections, to create what audiences want to see.

Projects in Development for 2017

About Whitley Films Productions

Whitley Films Productions is a motion picture development, production, and internal wholesale distribution company. Our skilled marketing team and salesmen allow us to produce multiple titles per year without detracting from the focus of the sale for each project. Presenting the world with new stories to tell, Whitley Films works cooperatively with many different production entities to generate high traffic to each project we produce. Our focus is horror and sci-fi films. Horror films are universal products worldwide, as scary is scary no matter what language is spoken.

Using a corporate outlook with backgrounds in project management and MBAs combined with the knowledge and skills of industry veterans, we can execute projects with precision and financial focus to bring the greatest production value with low costs to independent filmmakers and the greatest return on investment possible to potential investors per project. Resource allocation is key to our company and keeps us focused on hiring the best teams to manage budgets, schedules, and of course, production value.




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